ARC Acid Resistant Concrete
Complete Acid Protection

Where expensive liners and coatings fail… ARC prevails!

ARC Acid Resistant Concrete is industrial-level chemical-resistant concrete that brings ultimate facility protection for mining and other production areas susceptible to ongoing structural damage from highly corrosive chemicals and acids.

No coatings

Unlike coatings that are susceptible to impact damage, allowing premature failure of the substrate concrete, ARC is extremely impact resistant — protecting the concrete for decades without need of any additional maintenance or recoating.

Impact protection

ARC is advanced chemical and impact resistance with a high compressive strength (>10,000 psi), and adhering to most surfaces, including concrete and steel. 

ARC offers full protection where liners fail

Better than liners

ARC prevails where other acid protections fail, including standard rubberized or fabric liners and acid bricks. ARC also applies quickly for rapid facility protection with minimal service interruption time.

ARC Business Development Contact David Wilburn

ARC at MINExpo

Meet ARC Business Development Lead David Wilburn at this year’s premier event for the mining industry, MINExpo 2021 Las Vegas, taking place in-person for the first time since 2016. Watch the video here.

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